First successful Optilume procedures in the Netherlands

Posted on 10 February 2021

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The first Optilume procedures in the Netherlands are a fact! Last Thursday, February 4, Drs. Erich Taubert had the honor to work with this innovative product at the Slingeland Ziekenhuis in Doetinchem and Mayumana Healthcare is proud to announce that, in collaboration with Urotronic, Inc. and LABORIE, the first treatments have been successful.

What is Optilume?
The Optilume DCB (Drug Coated Balloon) is similar in technique to traditional mechanical dilation methods, making it easy to learn and perform. The uniqueness of this product is not the dilation itself, the semi-compliant balloon expands into the tissue, creating micro-fissures which facilitate circumferential drug absorption. Rapid uptake of the highly lipophilic drug, paclitaxel, limits hyperactive cell proliferation and the fibrotic scar tissue generation that results in stricture recurrence. Due to potential high recurrence rate in urethral strictures using existing endoscopic techniques, Optilume is a promising alternative and therefore a solution for all hospitals in The Netherlands for the treatment of urethral stricture.

Advantages of Optilume:
– Less recurrence of urethral strictures
– Decrease in more invasive procedures (urethroplasty)
– Shorter operation and recovery time
– Retreatment is required less often
– Lower risks compared to more invasive treatments

Exclusive collaboration
Mayumana Healthcare has entered into an exclusive partnership with Urotronic, Inc./LABORIE to distribute the product in the Netherlands. This collaboration shows our commitment to continuously offer innovative urological solutions to the Dutch market!

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