The use of a Holmium laser for lithotripsy almost became an standard procedure. However, experience learns that this technique breaks many scopes. These valuable scopes have to be replaced time after time, which, usually, far exceeds everyone’s budget. Besides the professional clinical trainings Mayumana Healthcare B.V. offers in order to use the laserfibers correct, we also have a real breakthrough in terms of new technologies!

Our manufacturer of laserfibers, of which Mayumana Healthcare B.V. provides exclusive distribution in the Benelux, has developed a range of products which ensure that introducing a laserfiber within a flexed (bent) scope becomes a piece of cake. This results in extreme high safety and it drastically reduces the risks of broken scopes. These new innovations will enrich and simplify your work. In particular are our ScopeSafe laserfibers and our new protecting sheath for your scopes very successful.

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