Every stone is different and they are always positioned differently. Besides, stones can be reached using several methods. Mayumana Healthcare has, in particular by having intense contact with urologists and their wishes, composed a complete selection of baskets which provide an ideal solution for every stone.

During the use of a basket, we critically examined the application and efficiency. These stone catchers are made for you! You can choose from a variety of baskets. These innovative baskets are a cross section of what our relations use at the moment and offer a solution for every kind of stone.

Our suppliers of the baskets come from America, where quality is of paramount importance. The knowledge of our suppliers is excelent. They often work for other well known manufacturers in order to design products or deliver parts. Perhaps more important is the fact that these manufacturers are focussing purely on stone cathcer and not on other products. All the research is devoted in the development of further perfectioning the baskets, we currently see the success of this in the Dutch market.

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